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Lorenzo Lanaro De Vito

Lorenzo Lanaro De vitoMy name is Lorenzo Lanaro De Vito, my dream is to become CFO in a major multinational company (like yours), thanks to a long and well-deserved career. Given the dream to be realized, I would imagine in a large multinational corporation committed to give my best to achieve a well-deserved promotion.I would like to show and to put into practice the studies done so far in order to increase the value of a company.
In my life, priorities have always been the organization of my future, the career, the family, the success and the free time, hoping that one day I’ll be able to say the words that my father usually says me: “if I became what I am is thanks to the efforts and sacrifices done.”
An important episode of my life was the admission to the Master of Science in General Management (in English) at LUISS University, this has broadened my horizons and increased my ambitions. In the past, my ambitions were limited territorially, now I hope to travel for work.
The other people who know me would describe me as a determined person, which organizes its time to find the time to do everything, always giving, however, priority to studies/work. My father is my example to follow: he was born during the World War II in total poverty. He rolled up his sleeves and, with so many sacrifices, he did everything in his possibilities to ensure a peaceful life to his family, thanks to his career in the U.S. Navy.
My strengths are the organization, the fairness, the determination and the preference of long-term performances instead of shorter ones.
As everyone I think I do have some weak points, such as too rigid organizing. Furthermore, I think that I’m a person who ask the most to my coworkers, if a group is at stake of results concerning also me, I want to be sure that these are positive; I had university experiences of group working, and thanks to this attitude I always managed to get good results. One thing I cannot stand is lateness, especially when it occurs in case of study (or work) projects: I think that it is a lack of respect. The thing that scares me is the uncertainty of the future. I’d like to make a career, but the opportunities are few and too many people try to catch them. That’s why I’ve always been involved in the studies and I tried to make mine all the teachings received. I was taught that to beat the competitors you must have a competitive advantage: in my opinion I have a good cultural and academic background and good English language knowledge (also thanks to my second citizenship: I’m Italian and American). As for my interests and free time, I read a book when I can. The last books I read were “Sun Tzu: The Art of War,” “Pulp” – Charles Bukowsky and “The Gambler” – Dostoewsky. Sometimes I play soccer with friends and in the past I have practiced tennis. Among the many passions, though, my favorites are music (I play piano as self-educated) and technology (I keep myself informed about new technologies, new software, and so on).

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