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Giuseppe Buonavolontà

I’m Giuseppe Buonavolontà and my The thesis search on “european cititizenship” (degree mark 106/110) and the internships in the European Parliament helped me to have a perfect consciousness of European reality and troubles, over then the full system functioning. Moreover, for my undergraduate I had a thesis on NGO that gave me a more international vision of systematic violations of human rights and of all failed attempts in develop cooperation. Since I was a child I was fascinated from the international environment, not only in school but also in my daily life, and this has strongly affected my choice of wanting to undertake an international career, hopefully more like a diplomatic career. This intention has been implemented with the choice of my undergraduate degree in International studies; however for my graduate degree I consecrated my choose on projecting myself towards an academic path that involved more international relations and diplomatic studies, so as to better approach, in the near future, a career in the international field. I’m multi-skilled and adaptable, but first of all I’m determined to follow my objective to work in international institutions and nothing can stop me. This is the reason why I’m going to study for diplomatic career, and I’ll try till I can do. I would really like to represent my Country in the world and help other people. I travelled a lot, especially around European capitals and other countries because I really love to mix with other cultures. I have learnt that different isn’t necessarily bad. My travels contributed to my language awareness and to my extended network, supported by my excellent communication skills (for example at work are clarity and human support for the others). During my university career I studied relevant matters that helped me in the work I’m looking for, but at the same time I carried out a lot of group project works. When looking for internship programmes, keeping as a constant factor the choice of an international institution, I always try to fulfil specific fields of interest. All my path has a sense, has a coherence, International studies, public relations, internship in a European institution. Finally, living in Rome and Brussels, I shared my flat with other guys, and this helped me to know how much is hard and important the compromise, how much is important to accept things not like. Finally I would like to acquire know-how of specific area where I collaborate. So I always go over my limits and I live every new experience like amazing. I’m always looking for new things that can enrich my baggage and I don’t want to stop.

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